We have over 30 years of combined experience and have filed thousands of evictions for attorneys and landlords. We can handle your uncontested eviction from start to finish, avoiding the expense of using an attorney to prepare and file your case and the delay you may encounter when using the Sheriff's Office to serve your evictions.

We are not attorneys and the law does not allow us to give legal advice or advise you of your rights. However, as Realtors/Property Managers we are allowed to draft and file all the necessary paperwork on your behalf to evict your tenants. If you feel you might need an attorney you may contact us and we can refer you to one or you can simply use one
of our sponsors.

BEWARE of the mistakes that you can make when trying to file your own case. Incomplete and/or defective paperwork could lead to your case being dismissed and you having to pay your tenant's attorney's fees. We have all the proper forms that must be used in accordance with Florida Law.

A credit report is probably the most reliable source of one's character and ability to pay. Based on their current credit situation you can determine the amount of risk they pose if any.

A credit report will give you an idea of what their current monthly obligations are and whether they can afford your property or not. It will also provide you with public records and collections such as judgments and previous evictions.

We can provide you with a tri-merged report which is all three bureaus. Some other companies offer just a single report for less, but why take a chance when you can have all 3?

However, we understand that some people have less than perfect credit for one reason or another and that circumstances change, that's why we always like to look at the entire package. Such things as verifiable income, past rental history, job history and reasons for leaving their previous residence should all be taken in consideration before making a decision.

  • It's like having a property manager for a fraction of the cost.
  • It's Convenient for both the tenant and you.
  • It Takes the guess work out of whether the check is really in the mail or not.
  • It keeps you from being avoided by your tenant when the rent is due.
  • It saves you time when deciding on whether or not to have a 3-Day notice posted.
  • Our site keeps track of all the payments and late fees for your records.
Call now to speak to a specialist about signing up for any of these great services!


We offer a few options when it comes to
re-renting your property:

  • Listing your property on our site for a flat fee of $19.99
  • Paying 5% commission of the annual lease for us to rent out the property ourselves using our highly visible advertising methods and you still reserve the right to rent it on your own paying no commission
  • Signing an exclusive right to lease agreement for 10% commission of the annual lease, This will afford you full real estate representation by our licensed realtor, such as listing on the MLS, photographs, credit reports, criminal background checks, tenant(s) screening. This will give you a higher visibility in today's market, and allow for a faster renting, or re-renting of your property.

Interior Specialist is a company that was established over 10 years ago. This company has incredible work ethic and dependability. Their quality work and a desire to be the best have brought them years of customer satisfaction. This has led to our four year partnership and has been an asset to both our company and our clients.

Interior Specialist will save you even more time and money when it comes to cleaning, repairing and preparing your property to be re-rented. A clean and functioning property will rent much faster than one that is a mess.

What are the benefits to using The Landlord Tenant Group to handle your property? We will not hesitate to evict a tenant no matter how dire their circumstance. We have a job to do. It is our job to either collect your rent or evict the tenant so that you can find a tenant that can pay their rent on time.

There are never any contracts, commitments or monthly service fees. You only pay for what you use or what you need. If you choose to have your tenants pay by check using our on-line service, you will only be billed when they utilize that service. If they decide not to or you decide to collect the rent on your own and in person, you will not be billed.

All of our forms are completely free of charge, up-to-date and meet the requirements set forth in Florida Statute. When using us to do your eviction, your papers are served the same day and we can normally have a tenant out within 30 days.

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